Amy Larson

West Central School Board Representative

EDEC Board Member Since:


Local School Board Service:

Larson was elected to the West Central School Board in 2018. She holds degrees from the University of South Dakota in Math Education and Educational Administration. She taught middle and high school math for 15 years and currently assists her husband with his real estate team at Hegg Realtors. Amy and her husband have two children in the West Central school district and spend much of their time running to and from activities.

Why did you decide to run for your local school board?

I love education! I have spent many years as a teacher in the classroom and life changed. Being on the local board allows me a different connection to the education process and the chance to serve the public.

How has your district benefited from its association with Teachwell?

Teachwell gives West Central a great way to reach students who are in need of a different setting.