Nancy Nelson

Lennox School Board Representative

Teachwell Board Member Since:


Local School Board Service:

Nelson was elected to the Lennox School Board in 2010. She began service on Teachwell's board in 2012. She works as a Practice Administrator for Sioux Falls Cardiovascular.

Why did you decide to run for your local school board?

My main goal when I first decided to run for the Lennox School Board was to make a difference in student's lives. The kids are our future. I strive to make decisions based on what is best for the kids while ensuring we are being fiscally responsible with the constituent's tax dollars. It is important to me to have a system of checks and balances with the administration of our district to ensure optimal education of our youth is occurring in a safe environment. 

How has your district benefited from its association with Teachwell?

The Lennox School District has utilized and benefited by the services offered through membership in the East Dakota Educational Coop (now Teachwell Solutions) by placement of students in the variety of programs offered. Programs such as Teachwell Academy, Teachwell Transitions, Career Placement, and Project SEARCH have provided an alternative to traditional classroom for those students who may have needed a different path to lead to a best possible outcome for his or her academic career. The Lennox District has also taken advantage of the top-notch professional development offered through Teachwell.