Lee Palmer

English Teacher

Began at Teachwell:


What or who most inspires you? 

My Step-dad. 10 years in the classroom, 20 years as a principal and 10 years as a Superintendent. He has been the person I lean on when things are difficult in my professional career and he always has the answers.

Why Teachwell?

Teaching is about raising your students and their knowledge. When teaching in a regular school you can move students only so far. Here at McCrossan the reward is raising them up to a level they never dreamed possible. 

What keeps you motivated?

 The fact I can change lives of my students.

How do you hope to make a difference?

I can relate to my students; I was a lot like them and by showing them where I am today that they do not have to think they are pigeon holed to where they are now. 

Goals for the future?

 To Travel: British Isles, Italy, Russia, Alaska, Egypt 

What is your background experience – degrees, experience, skills? 

B.A. In English Education for North Dakota State University, 20 Graduate Credits in Educational Administration. 

What quirky thing are you known for around the office?

I can drink more Diet Mountain Dew in a day than the rest of the staff combined.