Natalie Musser

Instructional Coach, South Dakota Counts

Began at Teachwell:


Why did you choose this field?

All my life I've been teaching others… dance, swimming, and education…. It's in my blood

What was your favorite subject in school?


Why Teachwell?

The Teachwell organization provides the opportunity to impact so many students' educational experiences across our region.    

How do you hope to make a difference?

I hope to inspire others to search for new ways to reach all students in their classes.   

What is your background experience – degrees, experience, skills?

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education, Minnesota State University, Moorhead,MN, earned Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction California State University, Math Specialist, Endorsement and Reading Specialist Endorsement, 26 years in Education, have served in a number of roles as classroom teacher, literacy coach, new teach mentor teacher, Curriculum Resource Teacher (CRT), math content mentor teacher, and math content coach, staff developer

What is the one thing you would like people to know about you?

 I love cooking and baking for my family and friends!