Debbie Kindelspire, BCaBA

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst

Began at Teachwell:


Why did you choose this field?

I chose this field because I have a child with autism and behavior analysis helped my family. Therefore I want to pay it forward.

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

I thought I would be an artist.

What or who most inspires you?

My family and friends inspire me.

Why Teachwell?

I love the way Teachwell treats its employees and students.

What are you proudest of?

I am proudest of being able to help people change their lives for the better.

How do you hope to make a difference?

I hope to make a difference in the lives of the students and families I work with.

What lessons has your work life taught you?

My work life has taught me to be patient and kind.

What is your background? Experience, degrees, skills, etc.?

I have worked in both clinic and school environments as a BCaBA. I have a BFA and am currently working on my masters degree in special education behavior analysis.

People would be surprised to know that I . . .

People would be surprised to know that I have a fine arts degree and backpacked around Europe when I was younger.