Gordon Sweeter

East Dakota Foundation Representative

Teachwell Board Member Since:


Local School Board Service:

Sweeter was elected to the Lennox School Board in 1982 and served for 27 years.  Sweeter began service on Teachwell's board in 1994.  He served as the representative from the Lennox School District until 2012, when he joined the East Dakota Educational Foundation and began serving as its representative to the Teachwell Board.

Why did you decide to run for your local school board?

Sweeter stated he was encouraged to run so that Worthing would have a representative on the board. When asked why he stayed 27 years, Sweeter said, "There was always some issue I wanted to see completed!"

How has your district benefited from its association with Teachwell?

The Lennox District has benefited through Teachwell Academy by having a place to send students who were troubled. We have also participated in many inservice offerings over the years.