Renee Ullom

President, Brandon Valley School Board Representative

Teachwell Board Member Since:


Local School Board Service:

Ullom was elected to the Brandon Valley School Board in 2007 and has served as its board president since 2013. Ullom is an RN, PA-C and works full-time as an RN in the Clinical Documentation Improvement Department at Sanford and PRN as a Physician Assistant in the Sanford Emergency Room

Why did you decide to run for your local school board?

I decided to run for my local school board because I had been following them for 3 years and taking my own notes, from a community member perspective. I was then encouraged by others to run. I believe that ALL children have a right to an excellent public education. As a board member, I have 3 jobs only – adopt a budget, approve policy and hire a superintendent. Our BVSD team is excellent and each person in the district does their job very, very well! I am proud to say both my children will have spent their entire educational life within those walls.   

How has your district benefited from its association with Teachwell?

We benefit in multi ways from Teachwell. We needed to provide an Autism Specialist for our district. It made sense to do this through the experts at Teachwell. We also have PT and OT services through EDEC.  Brandon routinely considers Teachwell for alternative placements, if needed. We are very proud of our partnership.