Board Policies

 Section A:  Foundations and Basic Commitments

ACAA – Sexual Harassment

AH - Disclosure and Authorization of Contractual Conflicts


Section B:  Board Governance & Operations

BCD – Board-Director Relationship

BD – Cooperative Board Meetings

BFC – Policy Adoption

BHD – Board Member Compensation and Expenses


Section C:  General School Administration

CBA – Board-Designated Authority and Responsibilities of Director

CBG – Evaluation of the Director

CK – Independent Contractors


Section D:  Fiscal Management

DA – Fiscal Management Goals/Priority Objectives

DB – Annual Budget

DBB – Fiscal Year

DBC – Budget Schedules and Adoption Procedures

DBD – Budget Planning

DBJ – Budget Implementation

DD – Funding Proposals and Applications

DFA – Revenues from Investments

DGA – Authorized signatures

DGD – Credit Card and Purchase Card Use

DI – Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

DIA – Accounting System

DIB – Types of Funds

DID – Inventories

DIE – Annual Examination of Financial Records

DJ – Expenditures (Purchasing/Incidental Accounts)

DJB – Petty Cash Accounts

DJG – Vendor Relations

DLC – Expense Authorization and Reimbursements

DM – Cash in School Buildings

DN – School Properties Disposal


E – Support Services

EB – Safety Program

EBA – Building and Grounds Inspections

EBB – Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures

EBC – Emergency Management Plan

EEAE – Student or Client Transportation in Private Vehicles

EF - Food Services Management

EFE – Food Services Records and Reports


F – Facilities Development


G – Personnel

GA – General Policy Statement

GBA - Equal Opportunity/Nondiscrimination

GBAA - Harassment

GBC/GBCB – Staff Ethics and Code of Conduct

GBCA - Staff Conflict of Interest/Use of Cooperative Resources

GBCC – Confidentiality Policy

GBE – Worker’s Compensation

GBEB – Employee Communicable Diseases

GBEBB - Employee Use of Electronic Devices

GBEC – Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

GBEE - Acceptable Use of Technology Resources

GBEF - Use of Personal Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Devices

GBEG - Searches of Employee Personal Property and Cooperative Owned/Provided Property

GBI – Staff Gifts and Solicitations

GBK Use of Tobacco on Cooperative Premises

GBL – Personnel Records

GBM – Staff Complaints and Grievances

GCBA – Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan

GCBC – Staff Benefits

GCBCC – 403(b) Retirement Plan

GCBD – Leaves

GCBDA – Inclement Weather: Absences

GCBDE – Family and Medical Leave

GCCAB - FMLA Leave Expansion and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Policy (Coronavirus)

GCDB – Employee Criminal Background Check

GCL – Professional Staff Development

GCPA/GCPD – Non-Renewal, Reduction in Force, Suspension and Termination of Teachers

GCPB – Resignation of Contractual Employees

GCPC – Retirement of Professional and Support Staff Members

GDN – Evaluation of Staff

GDPD – Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members


H – Negotiations


I – Instruction

IF – Curriculum Development, Review and Adoption


J – Students

JB – Equal Educational Opportunities

JFCE – Student Bullying

JH - Student Attendance

JHB - Reporting Child Abuse

JICH – Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Students

JICI - Weapons in Schools

JICK - Harassment (see also ACAA Sexual Harassment above)

JIH - Student Searches

JHCC – Student Communicable/Infectious Disease

JHCE – Wellness Policy

JICA – Student Personal Property

JKA – Corporal Punishment and Crisis Intervention

JLCD – Administering Medicines to Students

JO – Student Records


K – School Community Relations

KBC – News Media Relations

KGER – Facility Use Policy

KLD – Complaints about School Personnel

KMI – Political Activity


L – Education Agency Relations

LB – Relation with Other School Districts