Laura Everson, MA CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Began at Teachwell:


Why did you choose this field?

I always knew I wanted to find a job that would allow me to help people. I shadowed a speech therapist while I was in high school and I remember thinking, “I want to be right where you are!” I love the diversity of this field and I love that we can make a difference.

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

When I was in elementary school I loved drawing and I wanted to be an artist!

Why Teachwell?

I’ve heard wonderful things about Teachwell and the timing felt right for a new opportunity. I am excited to be a part of a supportive and collaborative team!

What are you proudest of?

My family

What lessons has your work life taught you?

I have learned that it's okay to be flexible and adaptable when working with students (even though I like to be very planned and organized!) Some of my favorite sessions have been off the cuff :)

What is your background? Experience, degrees, skills, etc.?

I received my bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of South Dakota. I'm proud of the research study I led during grad school using video self-modeling for students with autism. I still love incorporating it into my sessions as much as I can! I worked for the Sioux Falls School District as an SLP for 8 years serving students from preschool to elementary school. Most of my years have been spent working with students in self-contained classrooms. I have learned how to help my students communicate using various forms of AAC but I continue to learn something new every day!

People would be surprised to know that I . . .

I was on the golf team in high school! I learned how to play when I was little and still love to play with my husband and my family.